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Why Professional Certification?

A professional certification is a sign to employers that you have made a commitment to your profession.  This is ongoing, as compared with a degree, you earn your initial certification, and then you maintain it through qualifying mandatory continuous professional learning activities.  This shows employers that you are serious about keeping your skills current and expanding your knowledge in planning. It enhances your employability and prospects for promotion.

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) and the Provincial/Territorial Institutes and Associations, or PTIAs, have established the value of the Registered Professional Planner (RPP) or equivalent (LPP, etc.) certification, over the years, and many public and private organizations consider it a pre-requisite for more senior planning positions; if you want to go places in planning, being an RPP is enormously helpful.

Finally, some provinces either already have or are being encouraged to establish "right to practice" legislation.  This restricts the practice of planning to those who hold the RPP certification or its equivalent, and would put planning on a par with engineering, accounting, architecture and law as regulated professions. Such regulation helps raise the profile of the planning profession and, along with it, your own profile as a committed professional. It also provides greater assurance to the public that planners will be appropriately skilled and accountable.

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